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Is there any basis from the Quran & Sunnah to recite the last verse of Surah Nuun to protect oneself from the evil eye? Also is there any basis for one who intends to marry to recite Surah Dahr daily?

1) please advise as a female should females read jumma salaah or zohr salaah when reading at home? 2) it is my understanding that jumma salah is meant to be read in congregation. 3) also its is permissable for a female to read any tasbeeh or zikrullah without a scarf? and what is the latest can one offer magrib salaah?

My family is not muslim ,and they live in France. So when we go and visit them it happens that there is wine on the table ….I m in the same room because i want to be with them for this occasion . Is it allowed for me to sit with them , and if it is not how can I still go and visit my family?

I heard that there is a hadis saying that there is no need to do ghusl if one does not climax during sexual intercourse. please provide reference of the hadis?

Can a Muslim go for hypnosis to try and stop smoking? If yes, can a Muslim go to a non Muslim Hypnotist as I am not aware of any Muslim hypnotists?

Marriage and witness

My grandfather passed away on 12 April 2006. He was a partner in several businessess. His wealth which was to be distributed was calculated before 30 June 2007.

My brother lives in Norway and he asked a woman to marry him here in America. They have seen each other only in photos. The marriage did not work out because she did not want to go to live in Norway nor did my brother wanted to come to live here in America. So my question is can I ask the same woman in marriage? I live in America.

I ll asked how about opinion in Mazhab Hanafi for divorce women when she will married again should be attend by Wali & 2 witness or not?…How Iman Abu Hanidah said regardless?…If not attend by wali & 2 witness that marriege was legal by Islam or not? Please explain accordingly…Jazakalah Khairan Khatsira

I am interesting in investing moneies in Fraters Islamic Equity which has launched in 2005.This fund is managed by reliable Ulama. the monthly debit orders is R500-00 a month.?Can I invest or you can advise me?

If the husband is studying in a far away place and the wife lives with her parents, whose rules should she obey?

Is a girl allowed to wear colour contact lenses and can you plz describe the correct way for a girl to make sijdah

I had hoped to obtain a loan from a prominent

The bank gives me a VISA debit card. I go online and purchase something for (lets say) 100 dollars inclusive of shipping charges from a buyer in some other country. Since the purchased item is in dollars, the money deducted from my account uses a currency exchange rate. Please tell me if such a transaction is permissible.

I would like to know if it is allowed for one to study animation, I am a graphic designer, however, I try not to do animate objects,