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Doubts about drops of Madhi

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After I urinated and cleaned, I was going to shower and noticed that there was some wetness that mazi, I am having strong doubts on whether any drops have fallen on the floor and the impurtiy has transferred on to shoes, hairs and other objects on the floor before I could mop and vaccum. … read more »

Severe waswasa regarding hurmate musaharah

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I have a grave problem. I am a sinner and have spent several years doing immoral things that have damaged my soul (zina). I have sincerely repented and i cry everyday for ALLAH’S forgiveness. I have reformed my ways have established regular prayers and fasts since 2014. However, in 2014 after establishing aetikaf in Ramadan… read more »

Feeling of urine during Salah

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A man sometimes feels a drop of urine has come out during salat. This feeling sometimes is true (ie urine indeed has come out) and sometime untrue (only the skin of the area has moved). In this scenario, what should a man do, knowing that waiting for the end of the salah would make the… read more »

Who will name the child?

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Assalamu alaikum   I have question of naming the Child   Who has rights on Naming the child ?. Is it father or mother of the child?. If father and mother has a dis-agreement on the naming, Who get the precedence of naming the child?. father or Mother incase they… read more »

Getting rid of waswasah

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I am suffering with waswasa problem shaytan always creats and puts doubt in my mind and i keep thinking on it i feel stress and worried too much with this unneccesary toughts i can i skip out of this situations please kindly help me. Answer In the Name of Allaah, the Most… read more »

Stray thoughts

Answered by Muftionline.co.za

Q: I am very afraid, I know this is waswasa but I can’t control my feeling. I am Muslim and these kind of waswasa coming to me. Actually I was filling some form on the internet and they asked me what is your pets name. Suddenly inside it came Allah, astagfirulla. I am just confused… read more »


Answered by Muftionline.co.za

Q: I have a problem whenever I pray and my state is that I am getting closer to Allah (or my concentration is great my heart is getting soft) many kind of waswasa comes and tries to harm my iman. Many kinds of thoughts which I don’t believe crosses my mind. I seek help from… read more »