second marriage

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Clarification on Halala

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Question: Assalam walaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, My husband and I had our third talaq. I am currently in my iddat period. I made him give me my third because he cheated but we both regret it. Now since we both know the sin of an arranged halala.. I want to know what happens if… read more »

Concealing one’s marriage

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Q: If a woman gets divorced, keeps it a secret, and then gets married again secretly. Her second marriage is done without her guardian but in the presence of two witnesses and it is not announced. After some time, she reveals this secret only to her children. They keeps this secret for almost 8-9 years… read more »

Asking husband for a separation

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Q: We, a childless couple have been married for 18 years and got several times abortions during the first trimester. Following all possible modern treatment, due to this bad obstetric history and unknown cause medically in either spouse, doctors advised for adoption. But my husband repeatedly used to tell me for a couple of years:… read more »

Taking a second wife

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Q: I am a married man. I was in love with a Hindu girl even before my wedding. Now I feel that I need to seperate from my wife and marry the Hindu girl. My wife is ready for a second marriage but the Hindu girl does not want to accept it. She will be… read more »

Marrying one’s first wife’s niece

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Q: I know a person who is married to 2 wives. The relation between the two wives is aunt and niece i.e. the second wife is the first wife’s niece (that means his first wife’s brothers daughter). The second wife had physical intimacy with the man before his second marriage. Does hurmat musaharah takes place in… read more »

Girl consenting to marriage

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Q: A girl is not a virgin and was married previously. This is her second marriage. When talking about her marriage with mother, the girl said something that her mother understands that her daughter wants to marry. Her father then performed her nikaah without the daughter present. A few days after nikaah, the boy and… read more »