second marriage

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3 Talaqs query

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My husband and I have been fighting for the last few months.  He has threatened to leave me a few times in the past and recently he threatened to give me talaq if I don’t listen to him.  So I told him I won’t be living my life under his threats.  He got angry and… read more »

Speaking to fiancée

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I have finalised my second marriage with a woman to marry her after six months. During this time is it allowed to chat or talk with her over the phone since she’s living in another country? If it is allowed what are the limitations? What is allowed? What is not allowed in communicating with her… read more »

Permission from First Wife for Second Marriage

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Is it permissible according to the Islamic Shariah to get married for a second time without informing or asking for permission from the first wife? I performed my second marriage without informing the first wife and now she is forcing me to divorce my second wife. Does she have a right to force me to divorce… read more »

Secret nikaahs

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Q: Nowadays, majority of husbands have a single wife with the exception of some. In this situation, how can a woman be asked to tolerate her husband’s second marriage. Isn’t it a responsibility of the husband to inform her prior to the marriage of him entering into another marriage so that she can choose to… read more »

Marital problems

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Q: I am a 29 years old married male, married against my will (parents pressure) since last 3 years and suffering from depression since last 3 years because of it. I have a 9 months old daughter but my sexual satisfaction is not there. My wife really loves me but I unable love her back… read more »

Secret nikaah

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Q: I have married one and half year ago. I would like to have child, but due to some medical reason my wife cannot conceive. Can I go for second marriage without the consent of my wife? A: If you wish to take a second wife, you may do so. However, you should publicize the… read more »