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Does Qurbani become compulsory because of performing Hajj?

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Q. This year, Hajj has been cancelled for South Africans. 1. Does Qurbani still remain compulsory? 2. Is Qurbani only compulsory on a person if they performed Hajj previously? A. The performance/non-performance of Hajj does not affect the compulsion of Qurbani/Udhiyyah. Qurbani/Udhiyyah becomes compulsory (Waajib) on a person who fulfils the following criteria: a) Mature… read more »

Doing Qurbani for others.

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Q. 1. A lady has two brothers who are not practising muslims and do not perform their own qurbani. Can she do qurbani on their behalf from her own money and does she need their permission to do this? 2. If we wish to do qurbani on behalf of someone who is alive eg. family… read more »

Age to start calling the adhaan.

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Q. At what age can you start to call the adhaan? A. It will be permissible for a person to start calling the Azan when he reaches an age where he can call the Azan properly, is fully aware of its proper timings, and is also acquainted with its importance and sacredness in Islam. Hence,… read more »


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QUESTION: As Salaamu Alaikum, With the advent of the Coronavirus in Trinidad, what is the ruling for Jumah salaah as this is a congregation of many people where the virus can spread. Can you advise what is to be done in such an instance, and what is the position of Darul Uloom if the Government… read more »

Rulings on Aqiqah

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QUESTION: Asalaam walakom I haven’t aqiqah for my family. Please can you advise me we are 7 members that I would like to aqiqah for inshallah, which includes my late dad , my mum, 3 kids, myself and my husband. What do I slaughter and how do i go about doing the aqiqah and can… read more »

What is the age of puberty for a boy?

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1.What is the age of puberty of boy in Islam? 2. Can a mother stay topless in front of her boy who did not reach the age of puberty? Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah, الجواب و بالله التوفيق Puberty in a boy occurs when he begins to experience wet dreams. If he has reached the age… read more »

What is the rights of the father concerning his daughter after divorce?

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  BismillahirRahmanir Raheem As Salaamu Alaikum, Q: Any help with the following would be greatly appreciated: For a father what are his rights with regard to having his girl child live with him at some point after divorce. If any what life change communications should be provided like remarriage, relocation, child movement. Etc. Jazakamullahu Khairun in advance. Wa Alaikum… read more »