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Minarets in a Masjid.

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Q. I am currently doing an economic project at university and the question that I was posed with is why do masjids have minarets in North America? As you may know in North America unlike Trinidad we do not call the adhan loudly, but the question was asked, I am currently going to interview local… read more »

Can a person have a DEFERRED ANNUITY?

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Assalam-O-Alaikum, I would like to know if a deferred annuity is halal to have. Looking forward to your speedy reply. Wa Alaikum Assalaam, الجواب و بالله التوفيق A Deferred Annuity is not halal to have. This ‘Annuity’ is bought from an insurance company where you are required to pay premiums over a period of time. Over an accumulation… read more »