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Inappropriate clothing whilst attending Masjid


Dear Mufti Sahb,

I am writing this istiftaa to recieve clarification and advice on a matter which has been the cause of much turmoil in our Masjid and in our community.

For the last several years, an elderly person in our Masjid has been insisting that all attendees must wear a hat, long sleeves and trousers other than jeans. On many occasions when an attendee (regardless of whether he is local or a visitor) has worn clothes contrary to the above, the person in question has started shouting, harassing and sometimes even threatening and using abusive language.

We only have a handful of people who attend Masjid regularly, we live in a multi cultural and multi national society and many attendees who take their religious guidance from Islam qanda etc do not agree that there is any karahat in offerimg salah wearing a T-shirt, jeans or bare-headed.

In light of the above I would like to ask you the following questions.

a) Is it allowed for a U.K Masjid to make a rule that people who are wearing Jeans cannot attend salaah?

b) Is it allowed for a U.K Masjid to make a rule that people who are not wearing a topi cannot join prayer in Masjid?

c) Is it allowed for a Masjid in the U.K to make a rule that a Person wearing a T-shirt cannot attend salah?

d) Can a person who does not have this correct sunnah attire give Iqamah in the Masjid?

e) what is your opinion about a brother using this as justification to harass and loudly embarrass attendees to the Masjid?

I thank you in advance for your help and assistance in this matter.

Bearing in mind the sensitivity of this issue, a quick response would be highly appreciated.

Jazakallah Mufti Sahb.

May Allah protect you, continue to take the effort of Ilm and deen from you and may your shadow shade the ummah for a long time to come. (Ameen)

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