I was currently studying about the rights of parents and grandparents and recently my mother didn’t let me go visit my grandmother and I hadn’t seen her for 2 weeks. The reason being, she wanted me to stay home and clean my room. But she let my older sister visit my grandma because she was visiting from out of town! I got really sad and started crying and in result didn’t even do the things she told me to do! My mom does that many times like she would go to my grandma’s house and not let me go!!! and then here I am studying the rights of grandparents, my older sister told me that my mom has more rights over me and firstly I should listen to her! But I really did want to go visit my grandma, my mom didn’t mean it in a bad way, however, she just wanted me to finish up my house work before I went out but I ended up not even doing that cuz my crying and stuff.

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