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I had a concern about the following product whether this could be HALAL for male hair/beard.

My age is about 40 years but my beard is fully become white and my wife is so younger then me she looks like my daughter so she insist for coloring the beard …

I am a muslim woman. during early november 2009, i walked away from home with my kids after a misunderstanding with my husband. i have been away from him since then…

Is it permissible to use the following hair dye :Color me Natural Hair Dye Dark Brown color…

Can we go out in the morning to gym or go out of our house in the state of janabath before taking GHUSL?can woman apply hair colour (not henna) to colour her hair for

Are woman allowed to cut their hair and colour it black?

Are Women allowed to wear gold bangles/gold rings ?

I have heard that it is wrong for a muslim woman to dye her hair black.Is this true and why is it wrong to do so?

I was wondering if girls my age are allowed to dye their hair…For hair removal is it acceptable for a girl to get her underarms waxed by another female?