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About six months ago, I married a Christian woman. I have a concern thatshould she mother my children, they (my children) might not be raised Islamically. Can I divorce her due to this concern?

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Answer It is surprising that you address such a major concern only aftermarrying the person. Marriage is a major step in life. You ought to haveunderstood the implications of marrying such a person before marriage.However, since you have already married the person in question, we adviseyou to exercise caution in your intention of divorcing her…. read more »

Commited a premarriage SIN with a catholic girl and now she is pregnant. Letting it ABORTED before 120 days is it allowable or a BIGGER SIN? Also is it allowable to marry a catholic for a muslim?

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Assalamun Allaykum… I committed the big sin as the first time with a catholic girl and now she is also pregnant. I think I am not ready to marry her and I am a muslim and she is a conservative christian. Insallah Allah will forgive me for what I did. Coming to my questions brother,… read more »

I have performed Nikah, but not consumated the marriage as we have not done Walima yet. My wife is violatingmy rights. If i leave her, am i obliged to pay mahr, and if so, what portion?

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.Salaam u Alaikum. I have performed nikah, but have not consumated. My wife is disobedient, disrespectful, has a bad attitude and raises her voice over mine. These qualities only came out after we performed Nikah. I have asked her to change her ways but she refuses, and says she will not change for anyone. She… read more »

Parents Role in Marriage Decisions

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Parents Role in Marriage Decisions By Mufti Ebrahim Desai Q.) If a mature girl wants to marry a boy who is neither self sufficient nor religious and has had previous extra marital relations with a girl, can the parents and family of the girl stop her from marrying that boy? Please provide the answer in… read more »