Pakistani parents favour their traditions in choosing marriage partner for son.

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My parents have spoken about marriage. They would like me to marry someone close to the family, a cousin. I may not choose to do this. They believe if I marry a women outside the family she would not treat me well. They refer to other women as dirty and inconsiderate. I can’t help feeling they are following their traditions more than anything. In Islam the guideline is: so long she is a good Muslim. I am keen on marrying a girl (known for a while). I am scared if I approach my parents regarding her they will not approve for the simple reason that she is not close to the family. Should I please my parents or put up a reasonable discussion concerning their ways?


We suggest you put up a reasonable discussion with your parents and inform
them politely that according to Islam, the individual has a right to choose.
Of course, he should consult with his seniors (parents, etc.) and also make
Istikhaara (seek divine guidance).

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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