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Please tell me the various methods of performing istekhara. maulana ashraf ali thanvi that from the hadith it is clear that istekhara can be done by various methods.

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Recently i read in the book my maulana ashraf ali thanvi that from the hadith it is clear that istekhara can be done by various methods. i would be grateful if you could also tell me the instances/occassions when the other methods of istekhara were used. Also i would be nice if you could tell… read more »

If one merely touched his mother in law with lust (my hand may have touched her hand or her hand may have touched mine and experienced an erection), does nikah with her daughter become haram?

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I need urgent advice in this matter? I am a young man and an immoral person. I have unclean thoughts and frequent erections. Just looking at a woman or if a woman merely touches me by mistake, I have an erection! Now, I am meant to marry this girl, but I dont if I should…. read more »

What if a Muslim Quit Islam?

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Aslam o alaikum Here i ‘ve a question asked by my wife newly converted to Islam Alhamdulillah. What does Quran or Hadees says about a muslim who quit Islam and converts to Christianity or another religion. Maybe you ‘ve read in the newspaper about the afghani muslim who converted to Christianity and according to Sharriyah… read more »

Thinking of the Nabi Salaah

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AssalamualikumFew years ago a Maulana from our local mosque was asked “if the thought of the prophet Mohammed comes during namaz does your namaz break”?. The answer that was given by the maulana was yes your namaz does break. I am confused regarding this matter please explain to me. Answer Bismillah Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the… read more »


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salaam, evytime i do my wudhu n go to the mosque i hear swears in my head which devil is whispering, this only happens wen i ave wudhu, ive tryd ways n means to over come it bt will my namaz count n will my wudhu be intact if these swears happen in my head??… read more »