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Is it permissible for women to wear Niqāb and give Sadaqah in the state of Ihrām?

I recently got married and now my husband’s behaviour is changing?

Two sports teams play against each other …is it allowed for the winning team to be rewarded by the losing team with gifts etc. Assuming before …

I am working for a conglomerate company and a CEO for a SBU. We are into paper and paper boards trading, this business in SL is dominated by individuals (bora Muslims) for decades …

I would like to know Sir , watching english moive or hindi movie is good in Islam ?

I want to know why this is not appropriate and how we should prevent ourselves from doing this. Is this permissable for girls to do this without an older guardian? Was this something we could have easily prevented?

Would it not be the true Islamic way that should a Muslim fall in love with a non-Muslim and desires to marry the non-Muslim, marry the person and via the Muslim person’s lifestyle the non-Muslim converts to Islam. I believe that converting to Islam for the sake of marriage is a sin

I remember a hadiths about a time when corruption and fornication will so widespread that a man will come to a woman and begin having relations with her in the…

Is this allow for a muslim man or woman to greet the islamic greeting asalamu alaikum to each other

1. Is there any Islamic law that prohibits me and my wife to take the Nikkah together? 2. I have read that the Groom my read his own Nikkah and the Wali my read his wife nikkah,

A little while ago i watched a movie called the Woodsman. They were saying many bad works, and in the end during the credits i realized that the main actors name was Kevin

Hi, I would like to know if it’s haram to have a boyfriend?, and Can you please pray for my dad to get out of jail?

I would like to ask a question. if someone is in sakraat (last few moments of death) are u allowed to make dua for the person to die

According to Fadi Hakura, an expert on Turkey from Chatham House in London, Turkey is doing nothing less than recreating Islam – changing it from a religion whose rules must be obeyed, to one designed to serve the needs of people in a modern secular democracy….. Please give your views

Is it permissible for women to go masjid?if not then why can they go for taleem and bayaans?