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Following a Live Broadcast in Ritual Prayer (Ṣalāh)

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Answered by Muftī Khālid Saifullāh Al Raḥmānī Translated by Shaykh Yūsuf Badāt  Question: Assalamu Alaykum I have a question regarding tarawīḥ prayers. I am linked with the Islamic Foundation of Toronto’s live broadcast and I was wondering if we (family of three) can offer the tarawīḥ from our home, following the live broadcast from IFT?… read more »

Online advertising

Answered by Muftionline.co.za

Q: Please clarify the following for me: Generally, companies run through advertising and it thus plays a major part of many businesses. Therefore: 1. Some people specialise in doing the marketing/advertising for the company and get paid for their services. 2. Some people with computer abilities upload such ads on websites and get paid by the companies…. read more »

Earnings of a game and website developer

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Q: Is computer education halaal or not? I studied computer science and my field is game development and website development. Will my earnings be halaal? A: If there are no elements of haraam, or pictures of animate objects etc. then it is permissible. And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.   Answered by: Mufti Ebrahim… read more »

Specializing in computer vision

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Q: I am a computer science PhD and I want to specialize in Computer Vision. Please allow me to explain what this does with examples: 1. Self-driving cars use computer vision techniques to “perceive” the surroundings and make decisions (avoid passengers, avoid trees, recognize road sighs, etc.) 2. Security camera uses computer vision for smart, precise… read more »

Science theories

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Q: I would like to present some reflections, to have an authoritative answer from You, in order to understand what is the correct Islamic point of view. These thoughts of mine are derived partly by seeing the many attempts of some Muslims to match the sacred Ayat of the Sublime Qur’an with the theories of… read more »

Applying for a job in Radiology

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Q: Can I work in this job? “Radiology Support Workers are valued members of the Radiology department. We are now seeking to expand this team and are looking to recruit a caring, hardworking and enthusiastic individual. You should be reliable, self-motivated and flexible with excellent communication and inter-personal skills. You will work closely with Radiologists,… read more »

Girl helping a boy in university

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Q: I study in a co university. Yesterday was my first class. A guy came and sat next to me. He seem to know nothing about using the computer and kept asking me questions. Is it permissible to help na mahram regarding studies with no impure intentions? Also, he was sitting really close to me…. read more »

Taking pictures to treat breast cancer

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Q: I am a male lecturer working in a computer engineering department in a university in Saudi Arabia. Can I do research on writing some algorithms and computer programs which deals with image processing of mammograms for diagnosing and may be useful in the treatment of breast cancer? The computer programs take an image of… read more »