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Revisiting the previous question about injecting brine solution in chicken carcass, what if some of them inject more then the required/recommended amount to increase the weight?

Is the practice of injecting brine to chicken before sale permissible?

I’m having a lot of doubts. 1. Touching an impurity breaks wudhu? I mean if I clean the impurity off, my wudhu will stay intact, right? The impurity was not from my body. 2. If non-halal chicken curry falls on my clothes, will my clothes become impure? Basically what happened is that my friend had long time ago fried non-halal (actually machine…

I am a Canadian Muslim. I have two sons and one daughter. My son who is 28 years old would like to marry a 20 year old Christian girl. I know Islam permits marriage with Ahl-e-Kitab. The question is that I live in a remote place where there is no Muslim around.

1 ) is there a story that imam abu hanifa saw Allah in his dream 100 times and on the 100 time Allah swt gave him a dua … 2) i know that it is haraam to eat chicken and meat from outside like mcdonalds and such in america but my friend doesnt believe me, could you please give me a sound

My question is a short one. I am a 18 year old University of Toronto Student. My family goes to Maple Lodge Farms and we buy the Zabiha Hala chicken that comes in a box …

I said … riba is involved in schemmes like Al Burag, HSBC… they argued…why you eat chicken from shops, how do you know its halal?

Your fatwa is self-contradictory. In the same fatwa you said that stunning is ‘cruelty’ then in almost the same breath you offer advise on how to manipulate the stunner. I think that neither your student nor you had applied your minds to the reality of the cruel slaughtering system in the broiler-chickens plants.

Is it permissible to smoke hukkah? Is Hukkah makrooh or haraam?

1) can we chew the bone of chicken and consume its bone marrow as we do in case of mutton or beef… 2) 2) In middle east the poultry is supplied is frozen on even if fresh (as claimed) , there is skin left over which is between the feathers and the flesh.I heard from one of our

Assalamou-alaikum mufti saheb. Please comment on the following email in circulation.

In our student housing there are only high commodes. What if splashed water during toilet touches some of the body part? Will it be required to have a ghusl for purity ?..The fresh chicken market in Saudi Arabia is no more visible. …..What if i put najasat clothes and normal dirty clothes in washing powder in a bucket ….

Please elaborate

Is KFC halah? We live in Dubai. on enquiring with KFC, they said the chicken comes from Saudi Arabia and is halal. But there is doubt if they use dead chicken. So is it better to refrain from it?

Is it permissible to eat chicken which has been hand slaughter and then dipped into 60 to 65 degree celsius of hot water