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I hope this finds you well. I am sure you have probably answered questions like this before however this one is regarding Northern Ireland in particular. A local brother has chosen to open a shop for the Muslims in Belfast he already has a quite good wholesale outlet and this is only being done to try to satisfy the needs of the community. The question is regarding the fresh meat supply. In N. Ireland it is legal requirement that the animal is stunned before it is bled. There are two ways of stunning. The first is a light electric shock which stuns the animal but then it will recover to full consciousness within one minute. The other is a retractable bolt which also stuns the animal but could eventually lead to its death. As we have to abide by these laws can we claim this meat to be halal when the throat is cut by a responsible Muslim while the heart is still beating. I know that most people accept the light electric shock however there is a grey area surrounding the retracting bolt. At present the shock is used on chickens and the shock or bolt for lambs. They have no intention regarding cattle at the present.

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