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Listening to recitation of the Qur’an with translation.

Did Nabi (Sallallahi Alayhi Wa Sallam) perform any Umrah in his early Makkan life in the presence of idols?

Why is there a difference between the Salāh of a man and that of a woman? When should we read Tasmiyah in Wudhu?

Can I look at a translation of the Quran while listening to it in Arabic?

Please elaborate on the types of socks permitted to be wiped over in Wudhu.

Is a name giving ceremony permissible? Can I name my daughter the same name of my wife?

I have a few questions about performing wudhū before and after taking a shower?

What are the questions that will be asked in the grave? Can one follow the ideologies of the Shias?

1. When does Ramadan start?…2. WHO DECIDES WHEN A NEW MOON BEGINS?

How should we prepare for Ramadan and what should we do during Ramadan to maximize the benefit we receive?

I am from Lahore Pakistan and i have read in you previous answers that a person who die due to an impact of vehicle etc is shaheed. I want to know that my father died in a road…

Q1. I fully understand the concept of a sheikh and i have no proboem with it. It is just that i have many people who are mureeds …Q2. another problem i have is the group of sunni & tabliqh. I am being put under alot of pressure from both parties to foll

Could you please tell me about Tasbeeh of Taraweeh?

I would like to know if nabi (saw) ascend to the heavens on the 27th of rajab. Can you please provide me this from quran and hadith….

Spending time with my dying grandfather made me realize that life is truly a useless existence except that it is a portal to the next life. I began to care less and less about this world.