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Is it permissible to sleep after ‘asr?

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Selam Aleykum wa rahmetullahi wa barakatuh,
Can one nap after asr?

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Wa alaykum salam wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuHu,

There is a narration ascribed to the Prophet Muhammad under the discussion of sleeping after ‘asr. It is:

من نام بعد العصر فاختلس عقله فلا يلومن إلا نفسه

“Whoever sleeps after ‘asr, and thus his mind is taken, let him only blame himself.”

The hadith is related by Abu Ya’la in al-Musnad v. 8, p. 316 via ‘Amr b. al-Husayn. Regarding ‘Amr b. al-Husayn, Abu Hatim al-Razi said, “dhahib al-hadith.” Daraqutni said, “matruk.” (Mizan al-I’tidal v. 3, p. 252-53) Hafiz Ibn Hajar said, “matruk.” (Taqrib al-Tahdhib p. 420) Thus, the sanad that features in Musnad Abi Ya’la is very weak.

The hadith is also related it via Khalid b. al-Qasim. Hafiz Shawkani mentions that Ibn Ma’in vindicated Khalid; and accordingly, strays from calling the hadith a fabrication. Yet the editor questioned the claim that Ibn Ma’in vindicated him. (al-Fawa’id al-Majmu’ah p. 216) Moreover, it is related that Ibn Ma’in burnt what he had written from him. Ibn Rahaway said that he is a liar. Bukhari said that the people have left him [tarakahu ‘Ali wa al-nas]. (Mizan al-I’tidal v. 1, p. 638) Hafiz Dhahabi stated that Khalid is suspected. (Tartib al-Mawdu’at p. 239)

Ibn Adi and Sahmi related the hadith via Ibn Lahi’ah. (al-Kamil v. 6, p. 395 and v. 4, p. 146; Tarikh Jurjan p. 93) Ibn Lahi’ah is known to be weak; and is reported to have related it from two individuals: 1) ‘Amr b. Shu’ayb and 2) ‘Uqayl b. Khalid.

Regarding the link between Ibn Lahi’ah and ‘Amr, Abu Zur’ah al-‘Iraqi cited Abu Hatim who said, “He did not hear anything from ‘Amr b. Shu’ayb.” Therefore, Ibn Lahi’ah’s already weak status, coupled with a questionable chain link, is problematic. (Tuhfat al-Tahsil p. 185. Note: ‘Iraqi does relate another view that perhaps Ibn Lahi’ah heard only two hadith from ‘Amr.)

Regarding ‘Uqayl, the great traditionist Layth b. Sa’d once slept after ‘asr. He was asked why he had slept since Ibn Lahi’ah narrated such and such via ‘Uqayl. He replied, “I am not going to leave something that benefits me on account of Ibn Lahi’ah’s hadith from ‘Uqayl.” (Tarikh Dimashq v. 32, p. 137)

In conclusion, if one needs sleep, he may take it after ‘asr.

And Allah knows best.

Shafiifiqh.com Fatwa Dept.

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