Men wearing a ring other than silver

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Answered by Shaykh Amjad Rasheed

What is the proof in the Shafi’i school for the permissibility of wearing a ring that is made of other than silver?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

It is haram for a man to wear a ring that is made of gold, because gold is the adornment of women and it is established that men are prohibited from it.

In contrary to silver and other substances, it is not haram for men to wear them as rings, rather it is a sunna to wear one of silver, and it is permissible, without any dislike, to wear one that is other than silver, such as iron or lead, due to the lack of any prohibition concerning it. So it remains on its basis of original permissibility, and whoever claims that it is haram must show his proof.


السؤال: ما هو دليلُ المذهب الشافعي على جواز وضع الخاتم المصنوع من غير الفضّة ؟

الجواب : يحرم على الرجل لبسُ خاتمٍ معمولٍ من الذهب ؛ لأن الذهب حليُّ النساء وقد ثبت نهي الرجال عنه ، بخلاف غيره من الفضة وغيرها فلا يحرم على الرجل التختمُ به ، بل هو سنةٌ في خاتم الفضة ، ومباحٌ من غير كراهة في غير الفضة كالحديد والرصاص ؛ لعدم ورود النهي عنه فبقي على أصل الإباحة ، ومن ادعى التحريم فعليه الدليل .



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