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Q. A girl was pressurized to accept a boy for Nikah. Thus she accepted verbally and in writing against her will. She was not happy about the boy. After the Nikah she was pressurized to go live with him. After some time living with him she is still not happy with him. Was the Nikah valid?  What should the girl do in this situation now? What should the boy do if he finds out now that the girl was pressurized into the Nikah against her will?

A. In enquired case, if the girl was  pressurized to get married to the boy and she married in that condition, the Nikah was valid.

If the girl is still unhappy, she may request her husband to release her from his marriage by giving her a talaq or by offering him khula. Khula is to return the mahr amount in exchange of the talaq.

In such sensitive issues, if the elders of the family are known to act irresponsibly, the girl should seek the assistance of a senior influential person to intervene and resolve the issue.

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa

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