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Hanafi Fiqh

Maintenance for wife

Assalam O Alaykum,

due to crises in my financial condition i am unable to arrange a separate independent flat for my wife , my wife is demanding divorce and on my refusal she applied khula in court and leave my home we have one daughter also.

my question is that, despite she already applied in court for khula, am i still liable to pay her for her maintenance. i am already paying for my daughter which i know my lifetime responsibility. but can my wife also demand for maintenance money for her own. as she is not agree to live in my existing flat and leave the home by her own will.

Hanafi Fiqh

Fatwa on Divorce Status

Assalamoalikum, I am married with my wife for past 5 years and have one child from her. She was married earlier and filed for absentia divorce/khula in USA civil court while her previous husband was in Pakistan. USA divorce notice was served to him in Pakistan by her...

Hanafi Fiqh

Issue regarding divorce

In the year 2109, I filed for legal separation from my husband without informing him after going through marital disputes. After a few months, out of anger, my husband created a what's app group with the title of DIVORCE  and clearly mentioned in the what's app...

Hanafi Fiqh

Khula’ from Court

Assalam U Alaikum,   i'm in a situation where my wife has left abruptly from Pakistan without informing, i think she might be seeking divorce through court in Illinois. We got married in masjid in Pakistan, a year later registered it in Pakistan Identity...