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Wahm in Ghusl

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


I do ghusal I take up to half hour after still something says its dry I wash after it something else is dry it gives me headache drives me crazy please help me jzk


What you have is known as ‘wahm’ in Arabic. It is quite common among people. The best thing for this is to have a sunnat bath i.e. first wash your hands and private parts and wherever najaasat has touched. Next, perform wudhu with minimum water. Then, pour water over your entire body thrice only, beginning from the head and rubbing all parts of the body. Step out of the bathtub or shower cubicle and pay no attention to any thoughts whatsoever. Know in your heart that you have completed what you set out to do and that the rest is from Shaitaan. Inshallah, Allah will cure you from this illness.
Once Hazrat Maulana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi performed wuzu then he had thoughts that he forgot to do masah. So he went and did it. Then he felt that his elbow is still dry, so he washed it. Then he felt that his ankle was also left dry. Now he said to himself, “This is not taqwa, this is something else.” Then he said, “Even if it is dry, today I am going to pray Salah without wudhu.” This is the way to get rid of waswasas. Be strong – Don’t pay attention to such thoughts.

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