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Jahri zikr in a group and moving head during zikr

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


Assalamualaykum respected shaykh, I would like to ask a few questions regarding tasawwuf in order to dispell some uncertainties I have in my mind. Firstly is it permissible to have a zikr majlis wherein the people do jahri zikr together in one voice. Secondly, why do people move their heads when doing zikr, is this from the Sunnah? Your answers will be much appreciated. May Allah reward you for all your efforts ameen.


It is OK to do jahri zikr ina  group as long as it is under the instruction and guidance of a capable shaykh.

Shaking the head during zikr is not Sunnah, but it’s not haram. The reason people shake their head is to focus on the zikr, also to contemplate that with La ilaha they are extracting the love of dunya from their hearts, throwing it behind, and with Illallah, filling their hearts with Allah’s love.

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