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Femail makeup on friends, plucking etc.

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


  1. My wife likes putting makeup on her friends is it haram for her to do this?
  2. She also plucks their and her eyebrows –  Is this haram?
  3. Is it ok for her to shave her legs and pluck her upper lips?
  4. She wants to do this as a part time job for weddings what parts are ok and what parts are haram?



  1. OK
  2. Not allowed, please refer to previous fatwa
  3. Yes, it could be allowed, but better to avoid, due to wastage of time.
  4. The mas’ala of satar is very delicate, be very careful when doing such things. Find something else like applying mendhi etc.

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