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Divorce under severe waswasas

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

Asalamalikumwbm dear mufti saheb

If a man experiencing waswasa strongly Under it’s influence doesnt have control & that force make him say 3 talaq, Is the mariage broken?

He was in insanity bcoz these waswase stoped him going home, so he had2stay in rest room he was saying all -ves about him self&these forces tel him go away

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Walaikumissalam w w

In the above scenario, if it is known that at times this person loses complete control over himself to an extent that he can not even understand what he is saying and he issued three divorces in this state,the divorce will not occur.

However, if this person was in his senses at the time of issuing the three divorces, the divorces will have occurred.

(رد المحتار:٢٤٣/٣،دار الفكر) قوله والمجنون: قال فى التلويح الجنون اختلال القوة المميزة..إما لخروج مزاج الدماغ..وإما لاستيلاء الشيطان عليه و إلقاءالخيالات الفاسدة اليه بحيث يفرح و يفزع من غير ما يصلح سبباً

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