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Qaza after asr and keeping Qaza in order

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

Asalaam Shaykh, if one has missed Zohr Salah, do we read it at Qadha before Asr (I heard one cant read other Salah at Asr time) Also, after reading Asr Salah is it impermissible to read any other Salah i.e. Qadha Umri, Tahiyatul Wudhu etc?

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Walaykum ussalam w w

If one is sahibe tarteeb they have to keep that tarteeb by praying Zohar first. If not, then keeping tarteeb is not wajib on them.

Sahibe tarteeb is someone who does not have any Qaza on his head.

Qaza Namaz can be prayed after asr, but better not to do so in public. Pray it privately.

Tahiyyatul wuzu is nafl and not allowed after asr.

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