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What is the Dua of Hizbur Bahr?

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What is the dua of Hizbur Bahr? Please explain.

Hizbul Bahr, Abul Hasan Shazli is a big scholar; one day he was traveling for pilgrimage and during those days people used to travel through see vessels or ships that sailed based on the undercurrents of water and not machines. If the weather was not good and the direction of wind was not correct then the journey would have become impossible. When the days of pilgrimage drew near the great scholar decided to leave for pilgrimage but the weather was very bad and his enemies decided to make mockery of him by which he was very much hurt. So, in his dream he saw the prophet peace be upon him saying to him that he should make a certain dua, which he did, and all of a sudden the conditions of the weather changed and became more favorable. He reached Mecca faster than people who had gone there before him. Since then, people have used this prayer for journey so this would not be a sunnah rather something that was done by a great scholar.

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