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Can we do zikr on Tasbeeh?

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Does one need Wudhu to hold a tasbeeh that has Allah and Mohammed (PBUH) written on it really Small? I have encountered some Salafis at school who say dhikr beads are an innovation and are not allowed. Are there any proofs for the permissibility of dhikr beads? What is the hanafi position on the tasbeeh. Should we do it on our fingers or on the beads?

Can we do zikr on Tasbeeh?
According to Fiqh Hanafi and the majority of the scholars which includes you non Hanafi scholars (Maliki, Shafiee, Hambali, etc) Zikr can be done without using fingers; it can be done on beads, date pits, rosaries etc. and there is nothing wrong with using these objects. On the contrary, it’s preferred to use these sorts of things if they are aids in helping us pick up good habits. A tasbeeh is a reminder because it reminds us always to remember Allah. If it is in our hands then our attention may be diverted towards zikr;
otherwise we tend to become complacent. That’s why the scholars have preferred these types of objects. The Salafis are not familiar, nor well versed with this matter that’s why they say these sorts of things. There are sayings of the Messenger of Allah from Abu Huraira and Um Salama which specify that they used pits from the dates to help them do zikr because it reminded them and because it was easier. Actually, the Salafis don’t know the rule on which declares things are declared bidaat. Those objects or things which are aids in accomplishing a religious task are not considered bidaat.

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