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1. Where are you based?

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1. Where are you based? 2. How can I see Prophet Muhammad and Allah in my Dreams? 3. Apart from abstaining from following ones nafs why else must we only follow one Imam of Fiqh? 4. Is it permissible for me to run for political office in England as long as I vote in accordance with Shariah?
1. Where are you based?
Those people who die with faith they will see Allah s.w. and his prophet peace be upon him. We don’t have any control to see them in this worldly life even if it is in our dreams. A person here can only wish for such a thing and he can even make Dua for it but if it doesn’t happen he should not be dismayed and he should take consolation in the fact that whatever meant to happen will happen at its place and time. To follow one of the imams is necessary so that one may be able to practice this religion with sincerity and authenticity. To go to the depth of this religion is not something that everyone can do. In order to reach that point one must be fully qualified. In other words, a person must have a highest level of fear of Allah and he must be very perceptive and he must also work very hard, then only then, a person can achieve some authenticity in Islamic knowledge. So the best thing to do is to follow an imam who has done that and who is reliable in his knowledge and understanding of the Koran and the prophetic traditions. If we don’t follow one particular imam and make our own decisions as we go along then there will be no sincerity and it would become difficult for us to follow the deen. Because we don’t have proper knowledge and we can’t control our whims and desires, we will make wrong decisions, which would take us away from Allah. Ultimately, this would not be following the religion of Islam for the sake of Almighty but it would be following our own desires.

With regard to the politics you should consult with your local scholars.

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