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How to deal with people who criticize Maulana Zakariyya Sahab

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by ShariahBoard.org
Many people criticize the work of hazrath sheikh-ul-mashaikh moulana zakariyya sahab [ra] saying that his book FAZAIL-E-AMAL is full of false hadith or weak hadith and it should not be read and they say that sheikh-ul-hadith [ra] has fabricated stories to make his book DILCHASP as they say is any of this true? what should our response be to such people? my maqsad is only ALLAH
Those people who criticize the book of our great scholar ‘Maulana Zakariya’ by the name of ‘fazail amal’
are ignorant. Quran has given us some guidance as to how we should deal with ignorant people it says “ and when the ignorant people address them they say on to them peace.” we should not confront them and leave them with their ignorance.
Sometimes people think that these people are speaking either based on the knowledge or guidance, but usually it is neither because they are ignorant. There are other scholars, who have written books on the book of our great scholar ‘Maulana Zakariy’ which are enough to authenticate his work. 

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