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Listening recitation in Background

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I am making preparation for my exams…so most of the time during the day I am studying from my course books. While studying, can I play “Quranic Recitation Audio-tapes” in the background even though I am not listening to each and every verse. It just makes me feel good to hear the beautiful Qiraath being played in the background and it also helps to takes away some of the stress from my exams. Please let me know if it is permissible to play the recitation in these situations.
Listening recitation in Background
The jurist have said the same thing that if someone is listening to the quran then one should play it and if someone is busy with something else then one should refrain from playing the tape out of the fear of disrespect. So, what you can do is take alternative turns with your work and listening to the quran, that you can work for a little while and have the tape stopped in the meanwhile and then stop your work and listen to the quran.

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