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Haj-eBadal or Umrah for any dead person

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Thank you for Q258 reply, Now in the light of Q258 reply, how could be right to do Hajj-E-Badal or Umrah for any dead person who has not left a will (Wasiya) for Hajj or Money of his own, and even we don’t know that it was Farz on him or her
Haj-eBadal or Umrah for any dead person
There are two things in this issue. One is that the deceased didn’t advice nor did he have enough money such that someone else can do “hajj-e-badal” for him. In this case the heirs are not responsible to do anything for him. However, if he had left behind something or advised then they would have been responsible to make arrangements. In the event that the deceased leaves behind nothing but his/her heir is willing to do it then the hajj would be performed on behalf of the deceased. So there were two issues in this question one is the requirements for the heirs to be responsible to make arrangements on behalf of the dead. Two, in the event the requirements are not met but the heir decides to do it anyways the act would be acceptable.

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