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Taqlid in Aqidah

Selamun aleykum,

What is meant with “there is not taqlid in Aqidah”. I As a layman am not able to interpret what Allah says, myself. I have to ask scholars. Now Maturidiyya and Ashariyya e.g. belief that there is no real causality, instead, Allah (swt) creates cause and effect seperatly. Salafiyya believe there is causality and Allah uses causes to create effects. Now, to me, even though I am a Maturidiyya, the Salafi stance in this regard seems more logical to me. Does this mean I have to believe this, since “there is no Taqlid in Aqidah” and it is forbidden for me to blindly believe the Maturidiyya/Ashariyya view? To me, it seems more wise to just accept the Maturidiyya/Ashariyya stance, since I trust these Schools of Aqidah and believe they generally are on truth and if they say this is what they deduct from Quran and Sunnah (i.e. that there is no real causality) then to me it doesn’t matter what seems more logical to myself since I want to follow the truth not my own logic. So why shouldn’t I do taqlid in this regard?

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