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Working in Bank

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I read on your site that to work in a bank is not recommended and an alternative job should be found. I believe your fatwa is based on the fact that a bank deals in interest money. (1) Will your fatwa on this issue be also valid if you work for an Islamic bank that does not deal in interest money? (2) Will any type of 0% financing scheme be valid for a Muslim to use to buy a house/car/business if the no-riba scheme is from a bank that deals in interest in its daily transactions? If allowed to use the scheme, please explain why a Muslim can use that no-riba scheme from a riba bank but not work for it? (3) Can you recommend an institution that has no-riba financing available for purchase of home/car/business?
Working in Bank
From the question, probably the intent is to ask if there is a bank which has no interest like the Islamic banks, and if someone works there would it be right or not? So, the answer is that working in such places is allowed because the ban of employment in the banks is usually due to the interest involved such that one has to write it, oversee it, and become witness to it etc… However, if that doesn’t happen whether because it’s an Islamic bank or some other bank where their policy is no-interest- bearing as well, then employment in such places is allowed. There are some banks that have started such plans people are requested to do their own research.

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