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Doubts about urine drops

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Assalamualaikum… I'm a patient of ocd… .i have a bad habit of

masturbation… a few days before i masturbated(i regret that) and then after

30 min i urinated and then went for bathing when i was bathing i had a

sensation and feeling in my private part that maybe i leaked a urine drops(i

have this sensation many times when bathing).I dont know really if i had

leaked a urine drop or not.Then after bathing when i had a towel wrapped in

my body i had a very strong feeling and sensation like feeling hot in and

around private part and don't know really if it is of urine drops or water

that is in my body.when i looked at the towel after that i see wetness as my

body is not dry…and I don't know what this wetness is of?because i didnot

dry my body after bathing. I don't know if that water was of body or of urine

drops because i had a very strong sensation.I don't know if it was waswas or

not..now I'm getting thought that everything in my house is impure.Because

maybe i actually leaked urine.But I'm not sure about that. I'm very depressed

about that.Is everything impure like towel etc.?

Note that i don't know if that wetness is of urine or body's water.

I'm getting a doubts that what if it is really urine drops.

I'm getting thoughts that because i masturbated…so these drops are my punishment from Allah because i sinned

because of that…i don't know what to do…

And what if the urine drops are actually leaked(i dont know about that)

Are everything impure? 

I know masturbation is a very bad habit…

But after this incident i masturbated and had a same feeling like pain and sensation in penis while bathing and after bathing…but don't if urine is discharge or not…or is it waswasa

Is my towel and everything impure?

Because i had use the same towel without washing…to clean my face etc..so everything like utencils furniture taps door etc is all that impure because of the doubt?

Doubts about urine drops

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

:الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

If there is belief of urin or overwhelming suspicion about the wetness of the clothes, it will be considered as urine drops. In that case the cloth and wherever it gets wet with is unclean. It is necessary to purify it for prayers etc. 

And if you are sure about the wetness of the towel that it is water, or if it there is doubt whether the wetness is due to  drops of urine or of water, then due to this uncertainty,  the towel will be considered pure, and will not need to be washed.

Also, refrain from unnatural and haraam actions, and if you have the means and capability to marry, get married as soon as possible.

لواغتسل من الجنابة قبل ان یبول او ینام وصلی ثم خرج بقیة المنی فعلیہ ان یغتسل عندہما خلافا لأبی یوسف رحمہ اللہ تعالی ولکن لا یعید تلک الصلاة فی قولہم جمیعا کذا فی الذخیرة ولو خرج بعد ما بال اونام او مشی لا یجب علیہ الغسل اتفاقا کذا فی التبیین''…( الہندیة :١٤١)

ان الیقین لایزول بالشک ہکذا فی شرح منیة المصلی لابراہیم الحلبی''…(فتاوی الہندیة:٤٧/١

فقط واللہ اعلم واتم

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