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As Salam u Alaikum

Mjhy ksi bhi Aalam sahib sy pochna hy Talak k bary main .
K main ny apni bv ko cal ki call py main ny kaha k 
Ab kia chahti ho tm talaq chahiye.? Talaq talaq ab talak hi hogi bass mera dimag b ghoom gea hy
Meri niyat talak dany ki nahi the main asy keh raha tha k ab main tmhain talak hi dnga ye nahi kaha k main tmhain talak dy raha hn ya dy raha ap ny bakhubi parh lya hoga 
Meri bv ka ye kehna hy k aus ny ye suna 
“”””Ab kia chahti ho tm talaq chahiye.? Talaq talaq bs “”””
phone band maltlab as k bad asy koi awaz sunai nahi di
  askay elawa auska  kehna hy k aus ny 2 bar talak ka lafz suna ..
es k bad asny kch ni suna or aska kehna hy k aus ny 2 bar talak ka lafz suna ..
   Please koi bhi Aalam e deen hamari rehnumai krdy 
Apka bohat bohat shukar guzaar ho gay .
  Please mery esi mail address py reply kr dain shukerya .
Please jo bhi Aalam e deen Rehnamai kry apna mukamal nam or contact number ya email address bhi bata dain 

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

When it comes to ending the Nikah through Talaq, the words used as per the description of your question are considered sarīh(explicit) which do not need an accompanying intention for the divorce to take effect. Even without an accompanying intention, just by uttering the word “Talaq” will be effective, it is not necessary to say the words like “I divorced” or “I issue two divorces”.

Since your issuance of two divorces and your wife’s listening to it (i.e. both the divorces) is definite, the two divorces have taken effect, however, there is possibility of ruju(reconciliation). If the husband performs rujuthe Nikah will become restored. However, if the husband does not performrujuby either verbal statement, marital relations or any other physical acts of affection and the wife’s three menstrual cycles passed, then the husband and wife will become separated. If they decide to live together after that, a new Nikah will have to be performed.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب

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