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Allah forgives all sins

Dear questioner,
I pray this finds you in good health and faith.
Concerning your good question, this has to do with repentance.
Allah forgives all sins.
Allah Most High says, “Turn to Allah in repentance all together, O believers, so that you may be successful” (Quran 24:31).
If they have truly repented [ I am sure it is the case], then you should accept that she has moved on from those ugly sins. Unfortunately, many people reveal more than they should. If one has truly repented, they should move on with their lives unless it relates to others’ rights.
It is important to note that she should be advised not to disclose those sins to anyone again.
Concerning what you should do, it depends on you and your feelings of hurt. How attached are you? If you continue, will you forgive her actions and not let that cause future oppression or fights? Your feelings of hurt may grow. However, if you are willing to forgive and move on, then promise yourself not to bring that up to her.
Pray Istikhara
I recommend you perform the prayer of istikhara.
Link for how to pray istikhara:
[Imam] Yama Niazi
Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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