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What breaks wudu? What if you are unsure?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Qibla.com

Answered by Sidi Suheil Laher


I have just started praying recently this year and i now have this problem when ever i start doing whudu i seem to feel little bubbles trying to leave, sometimes it comes out whilst im doing whudu or whilst im praying. I would like to know if my whudu is broken?

I know when you do a fart when it smells or wind comes out it breaks whudu but im not sure about this because its a little bubble and it seem to happen when im preforming whudu and or whilst im praying please could you reply as soon as possible i need to know if my whudu is


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

wa`alaykum as-salam

All praise is to Allah. Blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his Household, Companions and followers.

1) IF YOU ARE NOT SURE that you passed wind (after performing wudu”), then you assume that you did not pass wind. [Ibn `Abidin, “Radd al-Muhtar,” and Ibn Nujaym, “Al-Ashbah”]

Thus, if you are in the process of making wudu” at the time, then you continue with your wudu”; or if you already made wudu; and had started praying, then continue with the salah. As long as it is mere doubt, and you are not certain that any wind has exited, you should not heed it, for it is likely to be Satan trying to distract you from the worship.

The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and his Household and grant them peace) has said, “If any of you feels something in his stomach such that it is unclear to him, whether something has come out or not, then he should certainly not leave the mosque, unless he hears a sound or smells an odour.”
[Narrated by Muslim]

And in another hadith we find:
“Satan may come to one of you in salah and blow air in his bottom, making him imagine that he has lost his wudu. So, when one experiences that, he should not turn away [from the salah] unless he hears a sound or smells an odour.” [Narrated by Bazzar as in Bulugh al-Maram]

2) IF YOU ARE SURE that you have passed wind, your wudu” is invalidated, whether there is a smell or sound, or neither. If this happens while you are still performing wudu”, then you need to re-start the wudu”
(over again). If it happens during salah, you need to break off the salah and go and repeat your wudu.

However, if the problem if chronic, such that at no time can you quickly perform the necessary acts of wudu” and the necessary (fard and wajib) parts of salah without passing wind, then you have the concessions of an excused person (ma`dhur). For a detailed discussion of the regulations of the ma`dhur, see the following answer:

Chronic Annulment of Wudu

Chronic Annulment of Wudu

May Allah bless you, and sustain you and us with guidance, and protect us from the designs of Satan.

And Allah knows best.

-Suheil Laher

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