Reciting After the Fatiha in the Third or Fourth Rakat of Obligatory Prayers

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Answered by Ustadha Naielah Ackbarali

Is it valid to recite a sura after the Fatiha in the third or fourth raka of the Fard prayer?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most MercifulAssalamu alaykum

It is somewhat disliked (makruh tanzihan) to recite a sura after the Fatiha in the third or fourth raka of the Fard prayer (Rad al-Muhtar 1:308). One”s prayer is not invalidated by the performance of this action, nor does it require repetition or forgetfulness prostrations.

However, it is necessary (wajib) to recite one long verse or three short verses after the Fatiha in the witr, sunna, and nafl prayers. If a person forgot to do so, then he must perform the forgetfulness prostration at the end of his prayer (Maraqi al-Falah 339).


قوله: (المختار لا) أي لا يكره تحريما بل تنزيها، لانه خلاف السنة .

قال في المنية وشرحها: فإن ضم السورة إلى الفاتحة ساهيا يجب عليه سجدتا السهو في قول أبي يوسف لتأخير الركوع عن محله، وفي أظهر الروايات لا يجب لان القراءة فيهما مشروعة من غير تقدير والاقتصار على الفاتحة مسنون لا واجب

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