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In ruku, I remember hearing that one’s elbows are not to be bent. Is this correct? However, a brother advised me today that my ruku was somewhat deficient because my back was not completely parallel with the ground. Would my salats need to be repeated if my back was not completely parallel with the ground?

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ِAssaalmu alaikum wa rahmatullah

There is no need to repeat your prayer. It is a sunnah for men to have their back is straight and parallel to the ground. Leaving a sunna doesn’t invalidate the prayer. Please search for related answers in the SunniPath Answers (

Mumen al-Hamawi
Approved by Faraz Rabbani

سنن الركوع فهي: أن يبسط ظهره، ولا يرفع رأسه، ولا ينكسه، حتى يكون رأسه سويا، لعجزه، أن يضع يديه على ركبتيه على سبيل الاخذ، ويفرج بين أصابعه حتى تكون أمكن للاخذ.
تحفة الفقهاء

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