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Is it really a serious sin to masturbate or is it ok if one does it?

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I know a Muslim brother that is very frustrated, he can’t stop himself from masturbating. He stops for a while and does it again. He also knows that it is not right to do it. He has access to pornography via  the internet or from satellite TV. He is presently living with his parents. The internet and satellite belong to his father who believes his son watches the “News” (Pornography) throughout the night while the family is asleep. This brother continues committing this sin and at times he feels he should leave the house and live in an apartment close to a masjid where he will be with Muslim bothers and where he will be away from the source that leads him to commit this indecent behavior. Now, the first question is should I advise him to leave the house and his family since it will be leaving the source (TV, internet)? Second, is it really a major sin to masturbate or is it ok if one does it?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

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