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Respected Mufti Saheb, I need advice with a haydh masala. I hope you will be able to help.

A sister, for two to three years now, starts off with 3-4 days spotting, then about 8 days of bleeding. She would make ghusl on the 11th day (of the first day of spotting) and commence salaah while bleeding continues for 3-4 days – and these 3-4 days of hukmi purity were counted toward the 15 clean days – which we now know is wrong.

So on checking her dates since September 2005 we realise she does not have ACTUAL 15 clean days before the next spotting begins, and this we understand is “continuous bleeding”.
1. Can you please advice on her course of action as she does not remember dates or the time of the month of her previous regular haydh. She remembers her habit as being 8 days.
2. She did have 1 ACTUAL 15 clean day gap in Nov 2005. What should she do if she suddenly has an actual 15 day gap suddenly?

Please note that lately the spotting continues for 8 days, then proper bleeding starts, so after only 2 days of this she makes ghusl and commences salaat after which bleeding continues for 6 more days. So in total she bleeds for 16 days and and on ending, 15 actual clean days do not pass and the next spotting occurs.
hope you will be able to advice soon.
wassalam, b m (london)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Bismillahir rahmaanir rahim.

Since she bleeds for more than 10 days, therefore the law of istihaadhah would apply on her. The fact that she has a habit of bleeding for eight days means she should regard the eight days of bleeding to be of haidh and thereafter istihaadhah (ie. she will have to take a ghusl and perform her solat). When her bleeding starts again, the eight days would be considered as haidh and the rest as istihaadhah and the cycle will continue. After these eight days of haidh, the days of spotting/bleeding will be counted towards her 15 days of purity.

The same rule will still apply for her eventhough now she bleeds more unless, her habit has changed and therefore she will follow according to her new habit (ie. if her habit is now of 7 days, therefore the 7 days would be haidh and the rest istihaadhah and so forth).

If she has not been having a habit for the past few menstural cycles, then now she will assume that the first 10 days of bleeding as her haidh and the rest would be istihaadhah. However, if she bleeds and achieves a purity limit of 15 days or more, then the number of days she bled (less than 10 days) would be regarded as her new habit.

The best course of action is to have her periods marked down on the calendar to assist her on determining her habit. She should also consult a gynaecologist to seek medical assistance and information regarding her cycle.

And Allah knows best.


Binti Zahari

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