I am having irregularity of menses for last 1 year.I bleed off &on almost daily.Could you please tell me can I offer prayers & can do fastings in all the days excuding menses days.

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Asalam-o-Alaikum,before 1 year my cycle was regular &my habits were that I usually bleed for 7-9 days & then a gap of about 19-22 days(without any bleeding)i.e the average duration of my cycle was 28 days( _1 or 2 days).I have read about istihaza in your website as well but after the 15 days ,you have used the word”Tahara”. (1)So please tell me,can a women offers prayer & do fastings in Tahara phase (like in istihaza phase),just after making wazoo before each prayer.If the rules are different for tahara phase tell me in details,Can I do fastings in these days & what I need to do to offer prayers & recitation of Holy Quraan in Tahara phase. (2)further more as I read from your website that the cycle can be short like of 22 days(shortest).Iam counting days of my cycle as previously ,like 28 days cycle . because bleeding becomes heaviest for 3 days & give me the generalized feeling of unwell during these days,same like during menses I am counting these days as a True menses days.Am I write in doing this ? I would be grateful if you can clarify to me all the rules & regulations according to my bleeding schedule. JAZAKALLAH.


1. You state you had a regular cycle last year and now have an irregular cycle. Kindly elaborate on that and what do you mean by bleeding almost daily. The specific details will enable us to advise on your cycle, the days of Haydh and the days of Istihaadha.

2. In principle, the days of Istihaadha will be regarded as Tahaarah. A female in Istihaadha will follow the rules of a Ma’zoor person.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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