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What is the correct way to raise the index finger in tashahhud according to hadeeths?

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What is the way to raise the index finger in

I ask this because some say :

1:When you reach LA ILAHA..you make a ring and raise
your index finger and at ILL ALLAH you put it down
(and hold the ring with the lowered streched index
finger until the end of salaah)

2. Some say the same as above but when saying ILL
ALLAH you must put your hand back in original position
back (on your thigh)

3. Some say just keep your hand on your thigh and
raise the index finger (without making a circle ) at
LA ILAHA and put i down at ILL ALLAH.

Which one is the correct? According to my view the
first is the most correct one in accordance with the
hadeeths in this subject.

Can you elabrote more on it? Please quote with proofs


Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah’s guidance)

It is narrated that when Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) used to sit down to supplicate, (to recite tashahhud) he used to place his right hand on his right thigh and his left hand on his left thigh. He would indicate at the time of reciting the shahadah by raising his index finger. He would also join the ends of his thumb and middle finger (thereby forming a circle).

[Sahih Muslim, chapter on the description of sitting-Hadith no.579]

On reaching the Shahadah (La Ilaha) form a circle with the thumb and middle finger and lift the index finger of the right hand and at (Illallahu) drop it onto the thigh. The circle should be maintained to the end. ( Ma’arifus Sunan Vol. 3 Pg. 105, Darse Tirmidhi Vol. 2 Pg. 63)

And Only Allah Ta’ala Knows Best.

Moulana Qamruz Zaman
London, UK

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