Seeing Dirt Under One’s Nails After Completing Wudhu

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Q: After wudhu and prayer one sees few (say 3 or 4) black minuscule grains of something (like a minuscule grain of powder or dust) under the nails, had it affect his wudhu?

Seeing Dirt Under One's Nails After Completing Wudhu

A: The wudhu is done.

قال في بحث الغسل ولا يمنع الطهارة ونيم ذباب وبرغوث لم يصل الماء تحته وحناء ولو جرمه به يفتى ودرن ودهن وتراب وطين الخ (رد المحتار 1/98)

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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)

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