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Asking one’s husband for a separate residence

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Muftionline.co.za

Q: If a married woman wishes to move out with her husband to a separate home due to multiple reasons and does not wish to stay with her in-laws provided he is the only son, will he be held sinful?


A: If his parents are not in need of his khidmat, and he feels that through living separately more respect and mahabbat will be engendered in the hearts, then it will be better for him to move on his own. He should however ensure that he fulfils the rights of his parents and does not neglect them. Similarly, he should try to live in close proximity to them so that he can see to their welfare and be of service to them whenever they need him.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.

Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada

Checked & Approved:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)

This answer was collected from MuftiOnline.co.za, where the questions have been answered by Mufti Zakaria Makada (Hafizahullah), who is currently a senior lecturer in the science of Hadith and Fiqh at Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen, Isipingo Beach, South Africa.

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