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Are all the Ahadees pertaining to Thasbeeh salat are weak?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

Heard that someone has told that all the Ahadees pertaining to Thasbeeh Salath are weak and there is not a single Hadees which is Saheeh or strong and therefore it is necessary for a person to pray Thahajjud since the Ahadees pertaining to Thahajjud are Saheeh and strong. It is requested from yourselves to please explain the authenticity and the strength of the Ahadees on Thasbeeh Salath. Is this matter as per what a student of Hadees told me or in contrary to it?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be known that as for the Sanad (chain of Narrators) and the Mathan (text) are concerned the Ahadees on Thasbeeh Salath are authentic. The righteous predecessors of Ahl e Sunnath wal Jama’ath have relied upon them and considered it, i.e.Thasbeeh Salath, to be one of the Blessing of Allah Tha’ala to the extent that the compiler of Sunan Abu Daud Rahimahullah created a separate chapter collecting all the Ahadees on it. Referring under the Hadees on Salathuth Thasbeeh, compiler of Bazl ul Majhood quotes from Kithab Al Khisal al Mukaffara of Hafiz Ibnu Hajr “Ibnu Jawzi has offended by quoting this Hadees in his Mowdhooaath …..” and goes on establishing the proofs and says that Ibnu Munda compiled a book to the effect to its authenticity. Therefore it is necessary for the questioner not to heed to everybody who comments about Ahadees and not to rely on their claims until such claims coincide with the sayings of the learned renowned Ulemas who are considered as reliable among the Ahl e Ilm.

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