A narration regarding the nabidh of ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu)

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Is there a narration which mentions that Sayyiduna ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) used to have something strong to drink in his water skin? Once a Bedouin drank from there and became intoxicated. Sayyiduna ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) gave him the hadd [punishment for drinking alcohol].



Imam Daraqutni (rahimahullah) has recorded the following narrations and has dismissed the authenticity:

1) Sa’id ibn Dhi La’wah relates, “A Bedouin once drank nabidh [a drink made by soaking dates or raisins in water and consuming it before it becomes intoxicating] from the water skin of ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) and became intoxicated. Sayyiduna ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) meted out the punishment for drinking on him” (Sunan Daraqutni, Hadith: 4685)

2) Abu Ishaq reports from ‘Amir who says, ‘ A Bedouin once drank nabidh from the water skin of ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) and became intoxicated. Sayyiduna ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) meted out the punishment for drinking on him” (Sunan Daraqutni, Hadith: 4691)


Imam Daraqutni (rahimahullah) states that both these narrations are unauthentic (لا يثبت). (Also see: Nasbur Rayah, vol. 3 pg. 349/350)


Another version

Imam ‘Abdur Razzaq (rahimahullah) has recorded a similar narration. This narration states:

“A man once gulped down a drink [nabidh] of Sayyiduna ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) en route to Madinah and became intoxicated. ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) allowed him to become sober and then meted out the punishment for drinking on him. Sayyiduna ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) then diluted that drink by adding water and then drank from it.”

(Musannaf ‘Abdur Razzaq, Hadith: 17015)


This version explicitly states that the man gulped down the drink [nabidh] which turned out to be too strong. Had he tasted it first, he would have realised this.

Other narrations state that at times Sayyiduna ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) would taste the nabidh first, and would dilute it if needed.

(Refer: Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah, Hadith: 24346-24347-24348-24349 and As Sunanul Kubra of Imam Bayhaqi and Al Jawharun Naqiy, vol. 8 pg. 305/306)


Strong nabidh is not considered to be an intoxicant, therefore Sayyiduna ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) would taste it. However if it leads to intoxication by consuming excessive amounts of strong nabidh, this will necessitate the punishment.

(Sharhu Ma’anil Athar, vol. 4 pgs. 215-222)


Kindly refer to a reputable Mufti/Darul Ifta for a fatwa regarding this.


And Allah Ta’ala Knows best.

Answered by: Moulana Suhail Motala

Approved by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar

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