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Asalamualaikum brother my question is : does watcing the nude picture of a girl unintentionally necessitate ghusl if possible show me an evidence if you don’t have it’s ok bro i am really stressed bro please reply my question may allah keep you in good health


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

It is strongly prohibited for a male to see a nude picture of a girl. In verse 32 of Surah al-Isra, Allah Ta’ala said,

وَلَا تَقۡرَبُواْ ٱلزِّنَىٰٓ‌ۖ إِنَّهُ ۥ كَانَ فَـٰحِشَةً۬ وَسَآءَ سَبِيلاً۬

“And do not even go near to adultery. Indeed it is immodest and an evil way.” (Surah Al-Isra, Verse 32)

Under the commentary of this verse, Allamah Ibn Katheer (may Allah be pleased with him) said,

يَقُولُ تَعَالَى ناهيا عباده عن الزنا وعن مقاربته ومخالطة أسبابه ودواعيه وَلا تَقْرَبُوا الزِّنى إِنَّهُ كانَ فاحِشَةً  (تفسير ابن كثير-  (5/ 66)  

“Allah, the almighty, is prohibiting his slaves from adultery, coming close to adultery and even getting involved in something which may lead one to adultery.” (Tafseer Ibn Kathir 5/66)

In a narration of Sahih Ibn Hibbaan, the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said,

الْعَيْنَانِ تَزْنِيَانِ، وَاللِّسَانُ يَزْنِي، وَالْيَدَانِ تَزْنِيَانِ، وَالرِّجْلَانِ تَزْنِيَانِ، وَيُحَقِّقُ ذلك الفرج أو يكذبه   (صحيح ابن حبان – (10/ 267) 

“The eyes commit adultery, the tongue commits adultery, hands commit adultery, legs commit adultery and the private parts will either commit [the actual act of] adultery or it will not commit it.” (Sahih-Ibn-Hibbān 10/267)

Nevertheless, if one does look at a nude picture of a female, his Ghusl will not break, unless he ejaculates. If no sperm comes out of the private parts, Ghusl will not be compulsory.

And Allaah Ta’aala knows best


Ismail Moosa (Mufti)


الشَّرْعَ سَمَّى الْفِعْلَ فِيمَا دُونَ الْفَرْجِ زِنًى قَالَ «الْعَيْنَانِ تَزْنِيَانِ وَزِنَاهُمَا النَّظَرُ وَالْيَدَانِ تَزْنِيَانِ وَزِنَاهُمَا الْبَطْشُ وَالرِّجْلَانِ تَزْنِيَانِ وَزِنَاهُمَا الْمَشْيُ وَالْفَرْجُ يُصَدِّقُ ذَلِكَ كُلَّهُ أَوْ يُكَذِّبُ» (المبسوط للسرخسي – 9/ 38)

«العينان تزنيان وزناهما النظر» ، والزنا حرام بجميع أنواعه (المحيط البرهاني في الفقه النعماني – 5/ 331)

اسْمَ الزِّنَا يَقَعُ عَلَى أَنْوَاعٍ لَا تُوجِبُ الْحَدَّ، قَالَ – عَلَيْهِ الصَّلَاةُ وَالسَّلَامُ -: ” الْعَيْنَانِ تَزْنِيَانِ وَالْيَدَانِ تَزْنِيَانِ وَالرِّجْلَانِ تَزْنِيَانِ وَالْفَرْجُ يُصَدِّقُ ذَلِكَ كُلَّهُ أَوْ يُكَذِّبُهُ  (بدائع الصنائع في ترتيب الشرائع – 7/ 49)

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