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_ A few years ago before I got married I did a very bad deed: I was chatting with a non-mahram and we finally had an affair but only virtual, nothing physical. After a few months his wife found out about this and she asked me to take an oath and tell the truth. I was so scared … Since i was still young i was afraid that if my parents find out they would scold me… So I took an oath on the Quran that I did not have anything with her husband and she believed me. Since then i feel so guilty… I do make lots of istighfar. But the question is: Do I have to tell his wife to forgive me? Or can i carry on with my istighfar? jazakAllah khair for helping me.


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

_ Chatting with non-mahram people of the opposite gender is an evil act that leads to other evil acts. We are pleased to see that you have realised this.

Taking a false oath is a major sin according to the ahadith (Bukhari). One who committed this sin must do sincere tauba (repentance) immediately. If you do sincere tauba, Allah Ta’ala will forgive you; and informing the man’s wife will not be necessary.

(See: Raddul Muhtaar: 5/493, Darul Ma’rifa; Fatawa Rahimiyya: 9/23)

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And Allah knows best.

Mufti Faizal Riza

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